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Vinyl floor adhesive with non-slip finish

Floor vinyls are perfect for signposting an area you want to highlight, for giving special information, for promoting a service or product, or for guiding customers to one space or another. On this occasion, the Muse has chosen to signpost its areas (cafeteria, shop and pastry shop) through a modern and effective design. Vinyl should be clear and easy to understand. The main colors are white and gray because they are the predominant shades in the place and also denote professionalism and elegance. Each vinyl is accompanied by a touch of color (blue, pink or yellow) to differentiate the areas and make the design a little cooler. The shape is round because it symbolizes versatility, dynamism and progression. Also, remember the shape of the cakes, the cookies, the cup of coffee ... The chosen circle also wraps around an icon that represents each space and is accompanied by a single word so as not to collapse the image too much. All this makes the design clear and personal.

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