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US A4 triptych with glossy stucco finish and 170 gr paper.

The leaflets from Duplex Sport Club and The Institute by Duplex reflect the corporate identity we have created especially for each brand. The outer faces of the two prints show the logo we designed and a representative image of the company and what it offers, as well as contact information. Interiors, on the other hand, integrate information related to services in a detailed and explanatory way. The main colors for the Duplex Sport Club leaflet are gray, white and red. Partly because the interior of the establishment is precisely these shades and because strong colors, such as red, inspire action and movement, which is what you want to enhance when working with the image of a gym. Instead, the main colors of the triptych of the Institute by Duplex are blue and white, which inspire serenity and tranquility and refer to water, which is a key element in spas and beauty salons. The glossy finish of the leaflets makes the colors stand out even more and a modern, polished look is achieved.

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