We know that each trip is a unique and unforgettable adventure, whether with family, friends or with a partner, a getaway is always a discovery full of records and GUIAND wants to be part of it.


We offer you a digital, versatile and very dynamic tourist guide. The guide shows the most outstanding places of interest and corners of Andorra. Within the GUIAND sections you will find photographs, establishments, hotels, dreamy landscapes, activities, shopping areas... And a myriad of proposals to make your stay even more unique.



KREA is a different, fresh and surprising magazine. His spirit is to deal with curious topics, new trends and that bring something to the reader. The goal is for reading to become a new experience and for each word and image to show personality and differentiation. And is that as a sage said: "In variety is taste." And there is not a single prototype of a woman, there is not a single profession that is 'top', there is not even a single style that is the best...


Among the KREA articles you will find topics on interior design, fashion, gastronomy, health, new technologies, travel, activities, automotive, beauty, sports... The digital magazine gathers information from both the country and internationally and shows the latest trends and news from each of the areas it deals with.

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