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Krea is a different, fresh Andorran magazine with a desire to surprise. Its spirit is to deal with curious topics, new trends and that contribute something to the reader. Always thinking of a fluid and entertaining communication. The goal is that reading becomes a new experience!


Among the Krea articles you will find a powerful design that integrates themes of interior design, fashion, gastronomy, health, new technologies, travel, activities, automotive, beauty, sports... The digital magazine collects information from both the country and international...

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    Three types of interactive banners with direct redirection to web pages, social networks, telephones, contact emails...


    Complete article with images, text and videos. Original and personalized content to highlight the essence of the company and highlight the desired information (new products, opening new businesses, specific campaigns, offers...).


    Tailored advertising campaign packages for Facebook and Instagram. A way to cross borders and reach international consumers without the need for them to be in Andorra.

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Logotipo de Krea,una revista de Andorra diferente, fresca y con ánimos de sorprender. Su espíritu es tratar temas curiosos, de nueva tendencia y que aporten algo al lector. ¡El objetivo es que leer se convierta en una nueva experiencia!   Entre los artículos de Krea encontrarás temas de interiorismo, moda, gastronomía, salud, nuevas tecnologías, viajes, actividades, automoción, belleza, deportes... La revista digital recoge información tanto del país como internacional...