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Pictograma de fotozil, el servicio de fotografía de SC Comunicació, Andorra, que incluye Sesiones fotográficas de productos o imagen fija (shooting photo), animación de imagen en 3D, captación y edición de vídeos, grabaciones con dron, archivo fotográfico de bancos de imagen, contenido visual para redes sociales, retoques fotográficos...

"A picture is worth a thousand words". As the saying goes, an image is capable of synthesizing different ideas, messages, feelings, purposes... In an image we can collect the scenery of a landscape, the most emblematic moment of a situation, the most outstanding details of a space, the most defining action of an event... Thanks to a professional image, we show off the virtues and strengths of your company.


Any message is clearer and more effective if it is accompanied by a good image that complements the communicative meaning that you want to convey. Having properly made corporate photographs or videos will help you enhance the presence of your company and allow you to unify the brand that defines you so much.